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Turhan BERIKER Turhan BERIKER turhan


Advisory Board Member


– B.Sc. Industrial Engineering at Cornell University
– M.Sc. Engineering Management at Stanford University



Practice Description

  • Turhan BERIKER has taken entrepreneur and professional executive roles in his more than 30 years professional career and completed B.Sc. Industrial Engineering at Cornell University in 1981 and M.Sc. Engineering Management at Stanford University in 1982.
  • He returned to Turkey after his 2 years professional life in Market Development Department at NIKE Inc., USA and he has been a part of Intermart A.S.’s management team that created a whole new sector in Turkey with “Dusakabin” Brand since its establishment.
  • Intermart has acquired Foreign Direct Investment that small and medium sized enterprises are rarely benefited from and Intermart was sold to Masco Corp that is USA originated organization in 1994. Turhan BERIKER has worked as director for 2 years and returned to the interpreneurship and set up Sanicor AS – Corin that produces bath products for marketing mostly in Western Europe in 1996. Next he sold the operations of this company to a Turkish organization and has licensed the Corin brand. Between the years of 2000 and 2005, in addition to these tasks and initiatives, he has worked as Turkish representative of Debitel Germany on the Virtual Operator (MVNO) Projects with the leading operators in Turkey. In the same period, he realized the Project and prototype of Independent Operators Chain Stores.
  • Turhan BERIKER has finished Seattle 1983 and Portland 1984 marathons with his 3:15 degree.
  • He provides management consultancy services on restructuring, recruitment and increasing productivity to the organizations since 2014. He shares his experience with the young entrepreneurs as a guest speaker in the programme “StartKnowHow” in Faculty of Management, Bosphorus University.

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